A talk with Gilbert & George

Wednesday / January 10 / 2018, 19.30
Gilbert & George

A talk with Gilbert & George
An open discussion chaired by writer Michael Bracewell

We want our Art to bring out the Bigot from inside the Liberal and conversely to bring out the Liberal from inside the Bigot.

Gilbert & George, 2014

Gilbert & George, the iconic contemporary art duo, in an unconventional panel discussion at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center’s Lighthouse moderated by Michael Bracewell.

Gilbert Proesch and George Passmore met while studying at Saint Martin’s School of Art in 1967. In the half century that they have lived and worked together as Living Sculptures, embarked on a visionary journey through the modern world, always together and always alone, Gilbert & George have made fiercely singular Anti-Art that is poetic, primal and emotionally driven. Order and madness are held in tension, vaudevillian and nursery rhyme absurdity take on the air of paranormal ritual.Their work teases and raises issues such as violence, racism, discrimination against minorities and sexuality, not shying away from exploring the darkest corners of human nature, often using words and images considered provocative.  The smooth interplay between the two artists in their performances, and their direct way of communicating, make for an art that is accessible to all. However, they are constantly looking for new ways of expressing themselves and seek to expose viewers to otherness, testing their reactions.

Βased in London, Gilbert & George’s work is on display all over the world (Chicago, Bilbao, Dublin, Istanbul, Stockholm, New York, Cologne, Los Angeles, Sydney, Amsterdam, and London).

Michael Bracewell is a British writer and novelist. His work includes The Rise of David Bowie 1972–1973 (with Mick Rock and Barney Hoskyns); Bridget Riley: Paintings and Related Work. In 1997, he met Gilbert & George, and since then he has devoted many of his writings to their work; in November 2017, his book What Is Gilbert & George? was released.

Special thanks to Marina Eliades and Jean Bernier for making this event possible.

*Simultaneous interpretation will be provided.

Wednesday 10/01 | 19.30