Agora Bistro

Agora Bistro

Agora Bistro is the all-day focal point of SNFCC’s Agora, where visitors can enjoy everything from breakfast to dinner through a variety of Mediterranean flavors for all tastes.

Opening hours: 08.00-00.00 daily
Contact: 216 8091280, &

Canal Café

Canal Café

The new proposition by the creative team behind Skoufa Street’s IT and the chef Andreas Lagou invites visitors to enjoy healthy gastronomy from morning to evening in a stylish minimalist venue overlooking the Canal.

Opening hours: 09.00-00.00 daily
Contact: 210 9430688,

Vans on Tour

On Tour Coffee & Juice Bar

Strollers along the Channel can find tricycles for coffee, refreshing juices and ice-cream to take away at the start of the SNFCC Agora. 

Opening hours: 
Coffee Van 09.00-21.00
Juice Van 09.00-21.00
Ice-cream Van: Monday– Friday: 10.00-22.00, Saturday- Sunday: 11:00-22:00
Hot-dog Van: Saturday- Sunday: 13.00-00.00

Park Kiosk

Park Kiosk

Park Kiosk offers refreshing juices, coffee, and a variety of tasty snacks to visitors enjoying the green at the Stavros Niarchos Park, or family moments by SNFCC’s Children's Playgrounds.

Opening hours: 08.00-00.00 daily
Contact: 210 9422222, 6937 100067,

Pharos Café

Pharos Café

Set at SNFCC’s highest vantage point, on the days when the Lighthouse rests between exhibitions and events Pharos Café undertakes to offer SNFCC’s visitors unique choices of beverages, drinks and cold dishes, to be enjoyed along with the splendid view.

Opening hours: Monday–Sunday 09.00-01.00
Contact:, 6972571440

Ice-cream Van on tour

Monday-Friday: 10.00-22.00
Saturday-Sunday: 11:00-22:00

Hot-dog Van on tour

Saturday-Sunday: 13.00-00.00

Opera Bars (κτίριο της ΕΛΣ)

Λειτουργούν κατά τις ημέρες και ώρες των παραστάσεων/εκδηλώσεων στο κτίριο της ΕΛΣ