Penny Marathon 2023 - Εικόνα

For the fifth year, the SNFCC is hosting Penny Marathon, a marathon for our country's stray animals and the volunteers who give their lives for them, in which participants can run or bike 2 or 4 kilometers.

Penny Marathon was founded in Athens in 2012 from the initiative of two Greek-Australians. Without even being runners, they decided to start an action in order to draw the world's attention to stray animals, the total number of which in the entire planet exceeds 600 million. The marathon takes its name from Penny, a dog that, like thousands of others, failed to survive on the streets of Athens. In the last 2 kilometers, dogs can also participate with their guardians!

Sunday 09/07

Meeting time: 09.00
Commencement time: 09.30

Free admission, with online preregistration

Preregistration has begun!

Information and registration:


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