A Sustainable Planet

4th-6th Grade Primary school

What repercussions does contemporary life has on the environment? How can I change my daily life routines in order to make it more eco-friendly? How the SNFCC has implemented the most innovative and cutting-edge methods of design in order to be considered a model center of environmental sustainability? Students are invited to discover the answers to the above questions, in an entertaining way, through experiments and workshops. During the program, students enter a small recycling workshop and are challenged to recycle their own plastics transforming them into useful objects.

Design/Implementation: Dr I. Koletsis, Dr Vera Nomikou, Physicists - Meteorologists, Research associates of the National Observatory of Athens.
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 09.00 and 11.00, 90’


Sustainability and Art: Make your own work of art!

For students from 3rd through 9th Grades

How can I print a photo with the help of the sun? Can I make art with nature and create my own message about climate change?

The children will take part in an art workshop, and they will create their own unique blueprint work.

Focusing on the theme of sustainability, we draw inspiration from works of contemporary forms of sustainable art or art that encourages discussion about sustainability, while through experiential visual actions we will discover the human-nature connection through the lens of art, passing our own message against climate change. crisis.

The goal of the program is to raise the awareness of students as members of our society about the real effects on the planet, proposing a green future.

Design-Implementation: Christina Tsinisizeli, visual artist
Mondays and Fridays at 9.00 and 11.00, 90’


Creating an Art zine

For 4th to 6th grade students and first-grade and second-grade Highschool students

School teams edit and publish their own small handmade magazine, a fanzine. The purpose of this workshop is students to get acquainted with this type of magazines, the culture of fanzine and the handmade publications and become editors, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers themselves! Using analog and digital means, children are encouraged to present SNFCC in artistic terms, to record creatively their experience from their visit, projecting through the fanzine pages their own “collective” view. The fanzine has been designed and curated by visual artist and professor at the University of Thessaly, Alexandros Psychoulis.

Design-Implementation: Very Young Contemporary Art, Yiannis Isidorou, artist

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 09.00 and 11.00, 90’


Sports Walks in the Stavros Niarchos Park

For 3rd to 6th grade students

The program Sport Walks combines traditional field exercises with the use of technological equipment. The aim of the program is to engage students in a creative manner, with a focus on the development of their athletic and kinesthetic skills and the promotion of the culture of athletics.

Previous program title: Sports Walks: Agility
Design/Implementation: Regeneration & Progress

Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 09.00 and 11.00, 90’


Student Αgora: Talking openly about disability

For 1st-6th grade and middle school students

Based on the commitment of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center to be fully accessible and open to everyone and using experiential discussion and open dialogue as tools, the representatives of the Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Youth (S.K.E.P.) with disability seek to change students' perspective on diversity in a simple and vivid way. The aim of the program is to acquaint the students with the concept of accessibility and treating the school as a place of equality and socialization of young people.

Design-Implementation: Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Youth (S.K.E.P.)

25/10, 1/11, 15/11, at 09.30 (120')



The school programs of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center land in the classroom! Discover courses on education, culture and sustainability, specifically designed for each grade level.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) seeks to actively participate in school life and is always looking for new ways to support students and teachers. Thus, the SNFCC Class was created; an educational platform that enables teachers to select integrated school curricula in digital form and implement them in their own classroom, using a projector, or through distance learning, with a shared screen.