Spyros Louis Cup - Εικόνα

Conceived and designed by Michel Bréal for the champion of the first Marathon race – the Greek runner Spyros Louis – the Silver Cup was awarded at the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896; today, it is on permanent display at the SNFCC.

This historic item was acquired by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation when it became available for sale by the runner’s grandson at Christie’s. As soon as the Cup was acquired, the SNF committed to making it accessible to the public, keeping it permanently on display at the SNFCC. Until then, over 3.5 million visitors had already admired the Cup when it was displayed at the Acropolis Museum in Athens and at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.


On the occasion of the Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony for the Tokyo Olympic Games on March 12th 2020, Spyros Louis Cup will be on display from 03/03 to 04/04 at the Museum of the History of the Olympic Games of antiquity in Ancient Olympia, Greece.

Furthermore, Münster University Museum has recently returned a Greek black-figure vessel of the 6th BC to the Greek State. Depicting a race with two runners, the ancient Greek vessel had been awarded as a prize to the marathon runner, Spyros Louis and therefore, it is a unique chance for these two exhibits –both the Cup and the vessel- to now co-exist under the same roof.

From 03/03 to 04/04, visitors will have the opportunity to see the Spyros Louis Cup hologram at the SNFCC.

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