Useful Information

  • The activities are available from June 29 to July 21, from 09.30 to 15.15. 
  • Each activity lasts 45 minutes.
  • Each group (up to 24 children, aged 5 to 14) may participate in up to 4 activities.
  • The activities take place in cool, shady or sheltered parts of the outdoor area of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. 
  • It is recommended that children wear a hat and have sunscreen and mosquito repellent with them. 
  • Groups may take a lunch break on the Panoramic Steps. 
  • Cost of participation:
    100€/Group for participation in 2 activities
    150€/Group for participation in 3 activities
    200€/Group for participation in 4 activities
  • For further information you may contact us at or at 2168091005.

Online Booking

Return to Sender

Where are our clothes made? How do they reach us? Where do they travel? Where do they end up when we don’t want them anymore? Through creative games, activities and constructions, we discover the answers to the above questions, approach the concept of sustainability, and understand our share of individual responsibility for the future of the planet. On the occasion of the large outdoor installation Return to Sender by the African art collective NEST.

Location: Maker Space & Esplanade (inside the installation)

Design - Implementation: Anemomiloi theater group

Experiment Stroller

An activity packed with engineering, automation and experiments. Specialized educators will welcome the children at the Park to engage in adventures filled with spectacular explosions, illusions and magnetic spins.

Location: Buffer Zone

Design - Implementation: ΜΙΤ Kids


A design and coding workshop, in which children cultivate 21st-century skills, programming their own robots, inspired by the theme of recycling, bioclimatic design and environmental awareness.

Location: Climbing Wall 

Design - Implementation: ΜΙΤ Kids

Creative Team: urban-tastic landscapes!

Drawing inspiration from the SNFCC’s Panoramic Steps, Bauhaus aesthetics and the creations of visual artist and designer Hannah Waldron, children will create a group artwork, with stairs as its central feature. 

Combining geometric forms, linear patterns and bright colors, they will create an urban landscape where stairs, as a dominant architectural element, lead us to wherever our imagination wants to take us.

Location: Panoramic Steps

Design - Implementation: Michalitsa Kozakopoulou, visual artist & Archontoula Tsatsoulaki, visual artist

Graffiti Workshop: Introduction to Letters and Characters Design

The art of graffiti is now the world’s largest art movement, with Athens one of its most prominent creative hubs. This workshop aims to introduce children to the world of creativity through the graffiti experience. Artists of Graffiti Art and Character Design will interact, employing as tools a custom-made design manual featuring tutorials, papers that simulate real urban environments, markers and, of course, lots of cheerfulness and excitement for the implementation of sketching projects!

Location: Buffer Zone

Design - Implementation: Imaginary Rooms


Open-air Library: Interactive Theatrical Performance

Selected children's illustrated books get wheels and travel with the SNFCC mobile library! There, theater educator and actress Maria Terzaki brings the stories to life and invites children on a journey of discovery that includes dramatized storytelling, live music and interactive games.

Location: Rear Agora

Design - Implementation: Maria Terzaki, Arnitsi Mpitsi theater group

Street Games

An activity for students at Stavros Niarchos Park, for the purpose of entertainment and the cultivation of sportsmanship. 

Interactive music & movement games take the form of sports, offering an opportunity for cooperation, communication and exercise.

Location: Buffer Zone

Design - Implementation: Regeneration & Progress

Water Games

A unique combination of refreshing games, water balloon races and lots of water fun at the fountains of Stavros Niarchos Park. 

Location: Water Jets

Design - Implementation: Regeneration & Progress