Nature - Εικόνα

As part of the SNFCC's mission to educate visitors and raise their sustainability awareness, special environmental programs have been developed for schools, as well as workshops on a wide range of topics, varying from the environment, energy and architecture to gardening for all ages.

In 2017 alone, 2,300 nursery, elementary and secondary school pupils and their classes visited the SNFCC and participated in our environmental awareness programs.


The SNFCC’s environmental programs for schools 

  • Nature Power: Through fun hunting games, math puzzles, experiments and role playing games, children discover the innovative features of the energy canopy, green roofs and irrigation reservoirs, as well as their contribution to the SNFCC’s day-to-day operation.
  • Solar Energy – A World in Motion: Nature, the environment, machines, motion, solar energy, energy conversion, how to convey mechanical energy, automation. These are some of the topics explored by pupils while producing their own engineering construction models.
  • The Park’s Little Gardeners: The program introduces children to the Stavros Niarchos Park’s flora, making them aware of the importance of green spaces in the heart of a city; it also familiarizes children with the concept of sustainability through motion activities, hands-on gardening, and role-playing games that instill the values of environmental protection.

Moreover, 6,603 children and 4,613 adults participated in 261 workshops on topics ranging from the environment, gardening and energy to architecture in 2017.

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