Learning - Εικόνα

An integral part of the SNFCC's vision is to become a learning space for all, regardless of age and educational background, offering access to education and skill-building opportunities, without financial or other barriers to entry. Starting with art, architecture, nature and technology, the SNFCC's educational programs encourage participants to discover their potential and broaden their range of interests.


School programs and courses for children

The SNFCC has developed a school visit program to acquaint pupils with it and communicate its philosophy and vision. In 2017, 82,773 pupils from 1,112 schools participated in such visits and educational programs specially formulated for kindergarten, primary and secondary education.

Courses and workshops are also on offer for children who visit the SNFCC individually with their parents. Many of these workshops are specially designed to engage children with and without disabilities together. In 2017, 13,870 children attended workshops and programs on architecture, nature, the arts, science and technology.


"I liked everything in this educational and beautiful space. Even things that are considered trivial. Everything I saw and heard was delightful. I would be very glad to come back one day, it is so pleasant. I love you.”

Student at the Perachora Primary School 


Adults and Lifelong Learning

It is the SNFCC's firm belief that learning is an ongoing process that depends not on one’s age but on their desire to discover new things as well as on the educational stimuli they receive. For this reason, educational programs have been specially designed for young people and adults, as well as a series of workshops and courses for persons over 65.

In 2017, 13,378 adults participated in educational programs on architecture, nature, the arts, science and technology.

Particular emphasis was placed on developing the digital skills of persons over 65. Due to strong demand, we tripled the number of participants in our computer workshops and offered beginner and advanced courses. In total, more than 7,000 persons over 65 participated in computer courses in 2017.

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