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Alki Zei – Wildcat Under Glass
Read in ten instalments by Olia Lazaridou

Listen to the readings of the Greek novel Wildcat Under Glass by the actress Olia Lazaridou (in Greek):

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#snfccAtHome Readings by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) now shifts focus from short stories to children’s literature, featuring two classic Greek novels – Alki Zei’s Wildcat Under Glass and Penelope Delta’s Trellantonis (Madcap Anthony).

Acclaimed Greek stage actress Olia Lazaridou reads the iconic children’s novel Wildcat Under Glass by Alki Zei in a staging by Yorgos Nanouris. The reading is accompanied by original paintings made especially for this series by artist Alekos Levidis and original music by renowned composer Dimitris Maragopoulos.

Alki Zei is recognized as a leading Greek author of literature for children and adolescents. Her passing last February, aged 97, was universally mourned; yet, her literary legacy will continue to delight generations of young readers. While mainly addressed to children and adolescents, her books are also greatly enjoyed by adults. Having joined the Left at a young age, she writes at the intersection of personal experience and historical events. Full of humor, straightforward and providing deep insights into people and events, her works have been loved by both Greek and international readers.

Inspired by her childhood on Samos and written in 1963 in Moscow, her debut novel, Wildcat Under Glass, is a landmark in Greek children’s literature. Regarded as an international children’s literary classic, the book has received multiple awards and been translated into 23 languages. In Wildcat Under Glass, Zei recounts the story of two little sisters, Melia and Myrto, who live on an Aegean island during the troubled period of 1936.

The reading of the novel by Olia Lazaridou was recorded in a country house on Aegina during the lockdown. Under Yorgos Nanouris’s sensitive directorial eye, the acclaimed and awarded actress brings Zei’s characters to life with humour, warmth, and sweetness. Leading Greek artist Alekos Levidis produced a unique set for this audiobook, featuring five original paintings. Distinguished Greek composer Dimitris Maragopoulos, who is no stranger to children, having composed music for the legendary Trito Programma radio show Edo Lilipoupoli, composed the opening music and music bridges for this series.

Φωτογραφία της ηθοποιού Όλιας Λαζαρίδου
Photo credit: Spyros Staveris


Read by Olia Lazaridou

Art: Alekos Levidis (original paintings - acrylic paint on wood, 36x36 cm)

Staging: Yorgos Nanouris

Music: Dimitris Maragopoulos

Sound Design & Mastering: Giorgos Mantas

Wildcat Under Glass by Alki Zei is published by Metaichmio Publications (Original title in Greek: Το καπλάνι της βιτρίνας).


The digital content created in the context of SNFCC events programming was realized thanks to a donation by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

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