#snfccAtHome Music Escapades: May Roosevelt & Mechanimal (recorded concert) - Εικόνα

Listen to the recorded concert of May Roosevelt & Mechanimal:

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The recording will remain available on the SNFCC website.

In September 2019 at the Stavros Niarchos Park's Labyrinth, at the Dome, May Roosevelt's electronic soundscapes met Mechanimal’s beats, as part of the Music Escapades concert series.

The composer, producer and thereminist May Roosevelt presented live at the SNFCC her album Junea, casting us into a dreamlike, kaleidoscopic parallel universe that took the artist’s experimentation to new heights. The ethereal vocals and code-like verses painted the portrait of the album’s main persona, Junea, and her digital world. Bridges made of crystalline electronic sounds and pixels fused reality with fantasy, creating a multilayered sound environment where synths and powerful beats reigned supreme.

Industrial audiovisual band Mechanimal returned to the stage after a hiatus from recording and touring, featuring its original dual line-up, Giannis Papaioannou and Freddie F. Bringing their theatrical vocals, pulsing sequences and distorted guitar riffs onstage, they attempted to deconstruct motorik drone 'n' roll to its raw materials, just as they have defined it over the last decade. In addition to the two tracks from the band's new single, the set featured tracks from across their discography, showcasing the groundbreaking creative identity of Mechanimal.

The concert's program (compositions by May Roosevelt):

  • Tides
  • Ta
  • Pa
  • Air
  • In Your Eyes
  • Be
  • Let’s
  • Flowers

Compositions by Mechanimal:

  • Song to the sirens (Giannis Papaioannou)
  • Dead roach blues (Giannis Papaioannou – Freddie Folkenbery)
  • Easy dead (Giannis Papaioannou)
  • The den (Giannis Papaioannou)
  • Un/mobility (Giannis Papaioannou)
  • The last summer (Giannis Papaioannou)
  • Ghost (Giannis Papaioannou)
  • Secret science (Giannis Papaioannou)
  • Red mirror (Giannis Papaioannou – Freddie Folkenbery)


A warm thank you to the musicians of the concert:

May Roosevelt, theremin, vocals, live electronics

Giannis Papaioannou, keyboards | Freddie F., vocals
Antonis Charalampidis, drums | Aggeliki Vrettou, visuals


Sound engineer: View Master Films
Mixing/mastering: Giorgos Mantas

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