Music Escapades: Nalyssa Green - Εικόνα

On the last evening of May, along with Nalyssa Green, we sing goodbye to spring and get ready for the arrival of summer, with a concert at Panoramic Steps.

Self-taught on keyboards, guitar, accordion and theremin, Nalyssa Green is a composer, songwriter and singer active in the Greek indie music scene since the late 2000s. She has released three albums and since 2014 she has composed original music for the theater. Spanning a wide range of pop styles, Nalyssa Green's musical identity is characterized by evocative vocals and prominent electronic sounds.

In autumn 2018, her first Greek-language album, Bloom, was released, playing on the contrasting concepts of sinking and blooming. In SNFCC, Nalyssa Green and her band will unravel the singer-songwriter’s musical universe, reminding us that "summer will be back to take us by the hand."


Miss Trichromi (keyboards, vocals)
Katerina Papachristou (bass, keyboards, vocals)
Evankelos Aslanidis (drums, drum pad)
Eleftherios Volanis (guitar, bass)


Friday 31/05 | 21.00

Free admission

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