Microcosmos: Mario Batkovic - Εικόνα

Is electronic music the classical music of the 20th (and now the 21st) century? Perhaps this question is not as provoking anymore, as we have seen electronica transmute into various different kinds of music, serving various different purposes: experimental, dance, closer to jazz, pop music, or other genres.

Still, the term “neoclassical” has been predominantly used over the past few decades to refer to modern composers of classical music who use (or build on) electronic elements to develop their work. 

Such artists are the Swiss accordion player Mario Batkovic (20/11) and the Italian multi-instrumentalist Federico Albanese (04/12), two prominent contemporary musicians and distinguished guests of the concert series Microcosmos that will be taking place at the SNFCC over the coming months.

The series will be kicked off with Suzanne Ciani (23/10), a pioneer of electronic vanguard for the past 50 years with a decisive production in both musical composition and sound design.

Three atmospheric nights at the SNFCC Lighthouse, featuring three contemporary musical geniuses who have been constantly renewing the avant-garde throughout their career, making it more accessible while also exploring the unlimited possibilities of sound.


Mario Batkovic 

One of the names that renewed the roster of the avant-garde in the 2010s, Swiss Mario Batkovic combines the classical with the contemporary and the “hypnotic” with the “grandiose,” having worked together with a highly diverse array of creators, including electronic music producer James Holden, saxophone virtuoso Colin Stetson and drummer Clive Deamer (Radiohead/Portishead). And he has done all this with the accordion as his “weapon” of choice; a traditional instrument, which may be more associated with street performers, but Batkovic has reinvented, exploring its potential without effects or loops. With the accordion at the center of his symphonic vision, Batkovic earned widespread critical acclaim for his debut album in 2017 and brought his work to the next level with his album Introspectio (2021). He has also been widely discussed for performing in extremely diverse events and venues such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Fondation Cartier in Paris, the Hamburg Philharmonic, and the famous Berlin nightclub Berghain. 

Watch videos of Mario Batkovic here.

Sunday 20/11, 21.00



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This event comes under a grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). Alongside the majority of its events, which are free thanks to a series of SNF grants, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center also organizes a number of events with affordable tickets, thus enriching its income sources and securing its long-term financial integrity.

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