Introduction to «Βoulder» - Εικόνα

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center invites everyone who wants to know the sport of climbing to a new experience. A Climbing Wall with two structures, in an outdoor, sheltered from the rain spot, awaits climbing enthusiasts, with different challenges for every age and level.

The Wall operates with two specially designed programs that aim to familiarize children and adults with climbing. At the SNFCC Climbing Wall, you can familiarize yourself with the "Top Rope" method on a 9-meter structure designed for high routes, and the "Boulder" method on a 4-meter structure designed for low routes. Whichever method you choose, rock climbing offers a unique sporting experience as well as fun!

In "Boulder" we climb at low altitudes, that offer us the freedom of climbing without a harness and rope, using special mats.

Friday 1, 8, 15, 22/12
17.00-18.00: ages 6-15 
18.00-19.00: ages 6-15 
19.30-20.30: ages 16+
20.30-21.30: ages 16+

Saturday & Sunday 2, 3/12, 9, 10/12, 16, 17/12, 23/12, 30/12, 6, 7/1
12.00-13.00: ages 6-15 
13.00-14.00: ages 6-15 
14.00-15.00: ages 16+
15.30-16.30: ages 6-15 
16.30-17.30: ages 6-15 
17.30-18.30: ages 16+

For the dates below, the program is as follows:  

Sunday 24/12 

Tuesday 26/12 
Wednesday 27/12 
Friday 29/12
Sunday 31/12

Tuesday 2/1
Wednesday 3/1
Thursday 4/1
Friday 5/1

11.00-12.00: ages 6-15 
12.00-13.00: ages 6-15 

13.30-14.30: ages 16+
14.30-15.30: ages 16+

Τhursday 28/12

13.30-14.30: ages 16+

14.30-15.30: ages 16+

15.30-16.30: ages 6-15 

16.30-17.30: ages 6-15 

For adults and children ages 6+

Up to 4 participants/slot (60’)

Free admission, with online preregistration

Buffer Zone 

  • Participants are requested to wear sports clothes and fitted sports shoes, in case they do not have climbing shoes. They are also requested to bring a hat to be worn with a helmet or a disposable cap.
  • The necessary safety equipment (belts, helmets, etc.) is provided by the SNFCC.
  • For the online preregistration to be valid, you must be at the venue at least 10 minutes earlier, otherwise the place will be cancelled.
  • In order to participate in the Climbing Wall Programs, it is necessary for the participants to be informed and accept the Rules of Operation of the Climbing Wall of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.
  • For the participation of minors, the presence of a parent/guardian is necessary.
  • The use of the Climbing Wall by a minor of 16 years of age or older is possible, even if they are not accompanied by a parent/legal guardian, only under the condition that the parent/legal guardian has provided written consent to this effect, certified as to the authenticity of the signature exclusively via Download here the text you need to copy to the formal declaration. Please submit the declaration in paper form before the start of the activity. The formal declaration is valid for 3 months.

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