Guided tour of the exhibition “Markos Kampanis: 1990–2020 Works” at the National Library of Greece - Εικόνα

One last look at the exhibition Markos Kampanis: 1990–2020 Works, exclusively for SNFCC Members, shortly before it closes its doors to the public. The tour will be guided by the artist himself, and SNFCC Members will have the opportunity to get to know the multifaceted artistic activity of the creator and talk with him about his work. 

The exhibition comprises works of the last three decades, arranged in six major units that do not follow a chronological order of presentation. Painting, printmaking, ecclesiastical art and book illustrations co-operate to unfold the personality of a low-profile creator with an extensive range of production. Instead of a retrospective, the exhibition is of a rather “ambi-spective” (bi-directional) nature, as it has no beginning or end and older works converse with more recent ones.

The exhibition is curated by art historian George Mylonas, and the exhibition catalog is edited by Stavros Zoumboulakis. SNFCC Members enjoy a 10% discount on the starting price of the catalog.

Markos Kampanis, painter, visual artist
Tuesday, February 13 | 18.30–19.30
4th floor Atrium of the NLG

Up to 20 participants – Members only
Free admission; online preregistration required
Preregistration for Members’ February activities starts on Feb. 01 at 12.00

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