The Gardeners of the Park: A vegetable garden in Spring - Εικόνα

Our meetings with the Open Farm team at the SNFCC’s Vegetable Garden continue in the winter. We care for our winter garden and make seed bombs and herb salt!

Workshop #1 – Winter garden care 

Whoever said that gardening stops in the winter?
Young and old Gardeners of the Park learn the secrets of the Winter Vegetable Garden! We will acquire the gardening knowledge and skills applicable to the winter season, but also learn how to create new seedbeds and prepare our garden’s soil for spring.
The workshop will point out the benefits of winter gardening, such as improving soil health. We will explore the plants that thrive in winter conditions (winter vegetables, herbs, etc.) and learn the protective measures taken by plants to withstand the cold.
We learn the importance of the soil, as well as ways of protecting it during the winter months, participating in a corrosion experiment. We understand green fertilization & soil cover, applying these methods to the garden’s plant beds in order to protect and improve the soil.
Finally, we create improvised warm seedbeds with spring vegetables and herbs. 

Sunday, Jan. 21


Workshop #2 – We make seed bombs and launch them!

Seed bombs are a beloved tool of young gardeners who get to launch them. They are easily built and make for a fun game. 
The purpose of a seed bomb is to trap the seeds inside clay and soil, where they will be protected from birds and other seed-loving creatures. The rain will eventually dissolve the clay and the seeds will grow!
Although seed bombs may be used to sow crops on a farm, most people use them as a fun way to spread wildflowers that can survive on rain alone.
Under the guidance of the workshop facilitators, children will create the seed balls, realize the importance of the spreading of plants, and have fun molding their own seed bombs and designing the launch site.
At the end of each workshop, participants will take the seed bombs they have created home with them in a sachet.

Sunday, Feb. 18


Workshop #3 – Herb salt 

Join us and find out how we harvest, dry and store our herbs properly, as well as how we can use them! 
At the same time, we will learn how to naturally flavor our daily salt. 
Children will learn to recognize the herbs that can flavor salt. 
They will then rub the dried herbs, create a mixture of herbs, and learn how to add them to the salt. 
They will create aromatic salt for pasta, potatoes, bread and winter soups, and take a jar of herb salt home with them!
Sunday, Mar. 3

Up to 30 participants (for 15 children and 15 chaperones) per slot
For children aged 6 to 12
Free admission, on a first-come, first-served basis 


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