Playgrounds - Εικόνα

The liveliest and most fun places in parks all over the world, playgrounds are dedicated to children of all ages, hosting endless carefree hours of fun, sports and socializing, bustling hubs of activity and creativity. Designed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, the facility is provisioned with wood-based equipment derived from logging based on sustainable forestry. The choice of construction material is a conscious decision, since wood as a structural material substantially differs from metal or plastic; it appeals to the senses, motivates children to play, and greatly increases the value of playing. The wood from which the equipment is made at the Playgrounds grows at an altitude of over 1,000m ensuring better physical properties, such as greater stability, durability and fewer scraps. 

Rather than with a typical fence, the SNFCC Playgrounds are enclosed by shrubs, enabling children to discover their own boundaries and the world in a safe environment. At the wood-based equipment there is marking that specifies the age limit for safer play.

Saturday 28/05 | 9.00-22.00
Sunday 29/05 | 9.00-22.00

Free admission  

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