Parklife | Yasmin Levy

The daughter of Turkish immigrants of Sephardic origins, Levy became widely known for her modernizing remakes of Ladino songs (medieval songs in the Judeo-Spanish language) mixed with flamenco and traditional Turkish music elements. The outcome is a brand-new entry in world music, which she has been serving for over 15 years and which has turned her into an international star

Parklife | Yasmin Levy  - Εικόνα

Parklife | Arrested Development

At a time when the US was entering the constellation of gangsta rap, ushering in the big standoff between east and west coast that characterized the ’90s, a group of friends from Atlanta proposed a completely different hip hop standard.

Parklife | Arrested Development  - Εικόνα

Parklife | Greek Radio Symphony Orchestra and Choir - Dark side of the Moon – 50 Year Anniversary

The Greek Radio Symphony Orchestra and Choir, in co-operation with the SNFCC, present an unexpected live concert visiting the “Symphonic Side of the Moon.” In an orchestration by Achilleas Wastor, choir preparation by Michalis Papapetrou, and under the conducting of Stathis Soulis, one of the most influential albums of all time is presented in a symphonic version, inviting us all to rediscover it from the beginning.

Parklife | Greek Radio Symphony Orchestra and Choir - Dark side of the Moon – 50 Year Anniversary - Εικόνα

Parklife | La Femme

As summer continues, the last installment of Parklife concludes the season at the SNFCC. Many feel that September is the best month of the year in Athens. People return to the city, with lots of summer stories to tell and a rich agenda of events to attend — and a big live concert party is always the best way to capture this mood. Only a handful of bands are able to fulfill this mission as well as the French La Femme provenly can — and they will be joined on stage by two prominent local groups, The Steams and Dury Dava, for a night filled with pumped up guitar riffs brimming with psychedelia

Parklife | La Femme - Εικόνα