Members' Tour: Exclusive tour of “A Promise to Animals” photography exhibition

A Promise to Animals presents a photo exhibition by award-winning photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur featuring sbased on the book  HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene, and from the organization’s investigation of Greek pig farms last March.

Under her guidance, SNFCC Members will be able to tour the exhibition and discuss the photos with the artist herself.


Members’ Meetup: Domestic animals in the service of science | Introduction to Zootherapy

What is Zootherapy? In which fields can it apply? Can a trained animal positively affect people who face difficulties or are suffering from a disease; and if so, how? Can any animal provide healing? What is the difference between a visiting dog and professional zootherapy?

These and many more questions will be addressed at the Members’ Meetup in October, the month’s theme being inspired by World Animal Day


SNFCC Members x Cinobo | Film Club: Cow

October, the month dedicated to animals, brings SNFCC Members together with the team of Cinobo curators!

In October, we will be discussing a documentary that talks about animals and nature in a realistic way. The documentary of leading British creator Andrea Arnold (American Honey, Fish Tank, Big Little Lies) provides us with a unique close-up of the everyday life of a cow, and promises to shake up the way we see animals and all the precious things they offer us.


Members’ Event Kids | Ode to Animals: Become a prehistoric tracer!

On the occasion of World Animal Day on October 4, a three-month cycle of animal-inspired visual arts workshops will be kicked off, aiming to highlight the need for a mature and responsible attitude towards animals.

The first meeting for our little Members will lead us to the beginnings of our existence, prehistory, when paintings used to represent nature and animals.


Members' Meetup: Cooking workshop with Pavlos Happilos | Secrets of a quick and nutritious breakfast

In October, SNFCC Members meet up in the premises of the Greek National Library for a session hosted by chef Pavlos Happilos!

Seeds, fruit and cereal are used in combination with other ingredients in our kitchen, and together we prepare delicious, nutritious treats and snacks for our morning start.


Members’ Meetup: Cybersecurity seminars for parents and digital citizens

On the occasion of the European Cybersecurity Month (October of each year), we are raising our awareness of online security, redefining our behavior in case of a cyber attack, and analyzing the steps we must follow for us and for our children, in two Meetups addressed to every digital citizen and child caregiver.



SNFCC Members’ Workshop | Drawing Workshop: Perceptive Lines

Taking a cue from the iconic Maman, in the drawing workshop “Perceptive Lines”, SNFCC Members will embark on a journey through the magical world of Bourgeois’s drawings.

The variety of drawing materials, such as ink, graphite, pencil and charcoal, which will be coupled with the multiplicity of techniques employed in drawing to create works of visual art.


SNFCC Members Off Premises: Tour at the Exhibition DREAM ON

Following NEON’s collaboration with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, for the installation of Louise Bourgeois’ Maman at the Esplanade, the SNFCC Members participate for last tie at a guided tour at NEON’s exhibition entitled Dream On, in the context of their exclusive off premises Members’ activities.


Members' Event | Member of the Visitor Experience team at SNFCC for one hour! (NCSW 2022)

For the second year in a row, SNFCC is celebrating the National Customer Service Week (NCSW)!

SNFCC Members have the exclusive opportunity to live the experience of customer service, behind the scenes!


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