Sustainable Mobility - Εικόνα

Committed to sustainable mobility, SNFCC fosters a bicycle culture, encouraging the use of bicycles as a means of transport, exercise and recreation.



  • A 2.5km bike lane has been created on the perimeter of SNFCC. It is linked to the bike lane network of Kallithea and Athens metropolitan bike lane network;
  • There are secure bicycle parking racks in various SNFCC areas for those who opt to arrive by bike;
  • In 2017, we carried out a number of bike–related free and open activities for the public: from seminars and workshops to cycling classes for both young and old, and from cycling races to free bicycle tuneups;
  • In March 2017, a 75-bike rental service for adults and children was launched. Our bicycles were used more than 38,000 times by SNFCC’s visitors in 2017.

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  • Throughout 2017, a free shuttle bus service was provided on the Syntagma- Fix Metro Station – SNFCC route, which served 90,000 passengers;
  • In cooperation with Athens Transport, a bus stop was installed within SNFCC, serving seasonal line X80 as a pilot project;
  • In 2017, a traffic study was sponsored by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. It has been already approved by relevant public administration departments and the Kallithea Municipal Council. The study includes a series of recommendations to mitigate traffic impact around SNFCC and several steps to improve public transport service, including:
     - Route modifications on bus lines 910, 860, X80, as well as launching a new bus line between Fix Metro Station and SNFCC;
     - Modifications on Pisistratou, Navarchou Votsi, Filippou, Evripidou, Lysikratous and Isminis streets around SNFCC.

For your free and convenient access to and from the SNFCC, please check the timetable for the shuttle bus routes