Trail Running at SNFCC

Discover all the Park's trails by running through a workout designed and adapted for all fitness levels.

Trail Running at SNFCC - Εικόνα

Family Yoga

An original sports activity for families that aims to strengthen the parent-child relationship through harmonious cooperation exercises.

Family Yoga  - Εικόνα

Fun Dance

Young and old, we follow the rhythm and steps of the dynamic and imaginative choreography shown to us by the dance team and let our bodies relax and express themselves.

Χmas Dance - Εικόνα

Kayaking the Canal

This activity aims to familiarize children with kayaking. Enjoying water sports in the Canal is a great way to get to know the SNFCC! 

Kayaking the Canal - Εικόνα

First-Aid Course

In this meeting, participants have the opportunity to be informed on a theoretical and practical level in the treatment of resistance with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the recognition and use of an Automatic External Defibrillator, as well as the treatment of cases of drowning and choking

First-Aid Course - Εικόνα

Chess for all-Open Day

This Spring at SNFCC, children and adults will have the opportunity to play chess and learn the game's basic techniques.  During the event, two stations will be operating: one for those who do not know the game's rules and wish to learn them and one for those who know the rules and want to participate in chess games.  Sunday  30/04  17:00 - 20:00 Mediterranean Garden 

Chess for all-Open Day  - Εικόνα

Roller Skates for adults

Ψυχαγωγία, γυμναστική ή μεταφορικό μέσο; Τα πατίνια είναι όλα αυτά μαζί! Μέσα από τα αυτοτελή, εισαγωγικά μαθήματα του ΚΠΙΣΝ, τα παιδιά θα εξασκήσουν την ισορροπία τους κάνοντας βόλτες με πατίνια!

Roller Skates for adults - Εικόνα

Exercise Consultant

Physical education professionals share advice and best practices to develop personal programs of aerobic exercise, muscle strengthening, flexibility and rehabilitation. The event will be held in compliance with all necessary measures for safe practice. 

Exercise Consultant - Εικόνα

Cross Training in the Park

A variety of exercises using belts, bars, resistance bands, free weights and kettlebells engage different muscle groups, reduce imbalance and maximize total strength, flexibility and speed.

Φωτογραφία από τη δραστηριότητα Cross Training

Basic Pilates Mat

Concentration, controlled breathing, improved posture, balance, flexibility and core strength: these are just some of the benefits of Pilates. This mild to moderate exercise helps to awaken the body and rejuvenate the spirit.

 Basic Pilates Mat - Εικόνα

Advanced Mat Pilates

This special Pilates Mat program for advanced practitioners includes a dynamic series of exercises, under the supervision and guidance of fitness professionals, and is designed for people looking for a more vigorous practice.

Advanced Mat Pilates - Εικόνα

Yoga in the Park

If we were to describe yoga in three words, they would be “physical and spiritual wellbeing”. Under the guidance of experienced fitness professionals and through a series of postures and breathing techniques, we strengthen our body, improve our balance, and enhance our concentration and relaxation.

Yoga in the Park - Εικόνα

SNFCC Running Team

Join the SNFCC Running Team and combine fitness and fun in the best possible way! No matter what your physical condition, we will improve your personal performance and abilities in aerobic exercise, while you run around the Stavros Niarchos Park, discovering all of its hidden corners!

SNFCC Running Team - Εικόνα

Tai Chi - Basic practice

Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese martial art, enhances the practitioners’ inner peace and strength, improves their balance, and reduces stress. All movements are circular and continuous, with gentle transitions, and accompanied by deep, mindful breathing.

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Qigong 50+

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice aimed at improving physical health through slow, gentle movements and controlled breathing. It is recommended for people aged 50 and over, as it enhances balance and inner peace, while improving the coordination of physical movements and breathing.

Qigong 50+ - Εικόνα

Fitness, Memory and Balance

A cognitive and physical exercise program aimed at people aged 60+. The program is based on good exercises for practicing basic positions of motor functions.

Fitness, Memory and Balance - Εικόνα


In this stand-alone workshop, participants will have the opportunity to become familiar with the three main pillars of self-defense, theory, empowerment and application.

Self-defense - Εικόνα