The Exhibition

As part of this exhibition, eight sculptures will go on display in outdoor areas in the Agora and the Rear Agora. Twelve more sculptures – four of them for the first time – will go on display at the 4th-floor atrium of the National Library of Greece, supplemented by maquettes, constructions, drawings, videos, photos and interactive exhibits that place these sculptures in the context of the public sites where they have been installed.

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School Programs

School visits at the exhibition George Zongolopoulos: The Vision of Public Sculpture encourage children to discover the art of sculpture. Through simple and comprehensive guided tours and activities, they start wondering on the concepts that motivated the artist and were expressed in various ways through his work. Children try to enter the sculptor's mind gaining different perspective for the sculptures that interact with the viewer and public space.

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Educational Programs & Lectures

Within the framework of the exhibition George Zongolopoulos: The Vision of Public Sculpture, the SNFCC is organizing educational programs and workshops both for children and adults. Taking as starting point the George Zongolopoulos exhibition, we launch a series of lectures on the evolution of art in public space, we create human figures using air-drying clay, and we experiment with the possibilities of motion, producing constructions to scale. Last but not least, we produce a grid of floating objects that will enable us to explore the fleeting journey of light from different angles.

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Sculpture in Public Space

The exhibition traces how Zongolopoulos’ public sculpture charges and converses with installation sites, locations in which it enters into communication with the public on a daily basis; it moreover highlights the importance of public art – all the more relevant in view of the fact that this exhibition is held at SNFCC, which aspires to redefine the citizens’ relationship with the public space.

The Vision of Public Sculpture

Guided tours at the exhibition

The guided tours take place in the following days and hours by the General Manager of the Georgios Zongolopoulos Foundation, Angelos Moretis, and the meeting point is at NLG Lobby.

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