Collection of essential items for the flood affected people of Thessaly - Εικόνα
25 September 2023

The SNFCC collaborates with Humanity Greece, for the collection of items that are necessary for our flood-affected fellow citizens in Thessaly.

We are all supporting the affected by collecting the following first aid items in the specially designed wooden boxes located at the SNFCC Lobby.

•    Food with a long shelf life (pasta, legumes, porridge, preserves, olive oil, etc.)
•    Long-lasting snacks (biscuits, cereal bars, croissants, rice wafers, etc.)
•    Personal hygiene items (pads, shower gel, shampoo, baby wipes, etc.)
•    Cleaning supplies (bleach, disinfectants, floor cleaners, brooms, mops)
•    Large bin bags
•    Gardening gloves
•    Rain boots' (new)
•    Baby food & milk
•    Baby diapers
•    Incontinence pads
•    Mosquito repellents
•    Powerbanks

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