The raw reality of food | Raw food diet workshop for adults - Εικόνα

In this workshop, we will get to taste the raw side of eating. We will learn the reasoning, benefits and disadvantages of a raw food diet, and ways in which we can integrate it into our daily lives. How it affects our health and whether it helps us eat in a balanced way, in harmony with nature. Through raw food recipes, we will partake in a gastronomic tasting of a diet that includes all meals of a day. At the end of the workshop, participants will prepare their own raw food recipe.

Design – Implementation: Anastasis Parasidis, Holistic Dietitian-Nutritionist specializing in Nutrition and Mental Health, founding member of the Greek Center of Mindful Eating

Saturday, November 25 | 11:00–13:00
Kids Lab, National Library of Greece

Up to 20 participants - Members only
Free admission; online preregistration required

Preregistration for Members’ November activities starts on Nov. 01 at 12.00.




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