A Picnic for Cartographers - Εικόνα

Children and adults gather around a map tablecloth for a picnic and become cartographers exploring the city.

Led by Playroom’s trainers, children and their adult chaperones flip arrows on a map tablecloth and go on a fun illustrated tour of the city. Each monument marked as a destination on the map will come alive in stories of the past and present. Through the sculptures and monuments they collect, our little cartographers will learn all about the city. The magic basket opens and the adventure begins at the Mediterranean Garden.

Design-Implementation: Playroom


Sunday 02, 09/06 | 11.30 - 14.00

For children aged 4+ and their adult chaperones
Up to 40 participants per 30ʹ session
Free admission on a first come, first served basis

11.00, registration for sessions 11.30-12.00 | 12.00-12.30 | 12.30-13.00
12.00, registration for sessions 13.00-13.30 | 13.30-14.00 | 14.00-14.30

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