Disco Zoom Party Animals - Εικόνα

The first open online Athens Disco Kidz Zoom party is here! Nothing can stop a group of animal friends who are planning the party of their dreams!

The Athens Disco Kidz team invites all members of the family to dress up as Disco Party Animals and take part in a unique adventure full of music and dance. 

When humans stay at home, nature and the animals throw a party! The Unicorn, that fantastical creature, welcomes you and introduces you to his special gang, which is none other than a group of animals. Join them and take part in original kinetic improvisations and group dance activities, though plenty of music, dancing, team games and dance battles. A fun online gathering of young and old, from every corner of Greece and the entire world, invites you on a journey to distant, magical lands, and transforms your home into a multicolored dance floor, a place of imagination and play. 

Let’s put on our happiest mood and start the new year with dancing and music!


Organization: Athens Disco Kidz

Presenter:  Katerina Adamara

Music Management & Production: DJ Palov

Movement director:  Paschalia Akritidou

Stage direction - dramaturgy: Frangiskos Papadakis

Motivation Team: Ioanna Zerva (actress), Marios Paradeisis (actor), Konstantina Koutsaftaki (actress-dancer)

Set & Costume Design: Dido Gogou

Face Painting: Moutzoures
Wednesday 06/01
18:30 - 20:00

Preregistration starts on Wednesday 30/12 at 12.00
Instructions for joining: 

A party for young and old, with a dress code. 

Suggested dress code: an animal of your choice, with a few accessories and simple face painting.

Participants are advised to have: a hula hoop ring, gymnastics streamer or plain ribbon, 2-3 balloons, 1 A4 sheet of colored card, 1 piece of fabric (100 x 50 cm, approximately). 

You will need to have the Zoom application installed. 
For children aged 4-8 and their chaperones
Up to 50 children and 50 chaperones
Participation by online pre-registration

The links for the pre-registrations are sent via the SNFCC Members Newsletter.

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