Members’ Creative Workshop for Adults and Children | Art and Traditional Techniques: Paper Bag Stories - Εικόνα

On the occasion of the International Children’s Book Day, children’s book illustrator Iris Samartzi will guide us through a 3D arts and crafts workshop inspired by the personal stories, memories and people we carry about with us. In this paper bag stories workshop, starring a single paper bag, we will employ paper craft and collage techniques, as well as materials we no longer use, to create our own three-dimensional story depicting scenes from our lives. The result will be absolutely unique and definitely memorable.

The workshop will be held in 2 slots for adults and 1 slot for families (child & chaperone)

Design / Implementation: Iris Samartzi, children’s book illustrator

slot for families:

Thursday, Apr. 18 | 18:30–20:30 - Free admission; online preregistration is required – Members only

For children aged 6 or older and their chaperone

Up to 30 participants (15 children and 15 chaperones)

slot for adults:

Thursday, Apr. 18 | 16:00–18:00 - Free admission; online preregistration is required – Members only

Thursday, Apr. 25 | 18:30–20:30 - New Members only (registrations 1/4- 21/4): Become an SNFCC Member here and you'll receive the pre-registration link via email

For adults – Up to 20 participants/slot

Preregistration for Members’ April activities opens on April 01 at 12.00

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