Led Circle ǀ Dance and Play Workshop with Led Hula Hoops - Εικόνα

A spectacular workshop for all ages, featuring illuminated (Led) Hula Hoops. Young and old try out simple or complex tricks with the hoop, as they are gradually guided into dancing with it. The movement of the luminous hoops and the bodies create a surreal landscape, as the two learn to coexist and express themselves creatively. The workshop’s objective is joy and connection with the circle and the self, through given choreographies and improvisation pieces.

Design - Implementation: Fabrica Athens 

Wednesday, Jan. 03
17.00, 17.50, 18.30

For children aged 6 or older and adults
Up to 20 participants per slot (10 children and 10 chaperones)
Free admission, on a first-come, first-served basis


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