Gender and the City  - Εικόνα

Is there equality in the way public space is shared among all genders? Urban planning has always reflected and facilitated only 50% of the population, as historically, cities are made by men for men. In this discussion, we will examine the right to the city through the gender perspective, as well as alternative, inclusive practices. 

Panel Moderator: 
Anastasia Vaitsopoulou - Journalist

Pinelopi Alexiou - Social Anthropologist, Member of Urbana 
Eva Grigoriadou - Architect, Founder of Urbana
Anka Dür - Architect and Midwife
Polina Prentou- MSc Architect-Urban Planner, PhD candidate NTUA 

Sunday 07/04, 13.30-15.00 
Book Castle 

The event will be offered with simultaneous interpretation from and into the English language, as well as interpretation into the Greek Sign Language.   

Supported by the Embassy of Austria in Greece

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