Members Events: Πώς να μαγειρέψεις ένα βιβλίο, Με αφορμή την Ημέρα της Γυναίκας - Εικόνα

In July, the Forest Group (Parea tou Dasous) welcomes the Park’s young friends and their families to a workshop aimed at exploring the Park’s aromatic herbs and learning about their uses and how to collect them.

Inspired by the plants of the SNFCC Mediterranean Garden, we will be exploring the world of aromatic herbs and their wonderful therapeutic qualities! Children and adults will discover together some of the most typical Greek herbs and learn about their uses and collection methods through a series of fun activities. We work together as families and learn how to dry the plants and create structures that we will take home with us!

The Forest Group’s educational workshops for families feature environmental, motor and sensory games and activities that help us sync with the stimuli provided by the natural environment and the seasons of the year. In this way, children and adult participants get to motivate their senses, play, explore, discover and immersively learn about nature and its wonders, developing their environmental awareness.

Sunday 10/07 | 19.00-20.30 


Up to 15 families (4 persons per family)
Free entry via online pre-registration
For families with children aged 5-12

For the activity on 10/07, pre-registration starts on Monday 04/07 at 12.00

Design - Implementation: The Forest Group (Parea tou Dasous)

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