Basic Computer Skills - Εικόνα

Through the SNFCC Computer Courses, people who wish to become familiar with computers are given the opportunity to learn the main functions, use of basic programs, web browsing and other basic knowledge that will help to carry out everyday tasks, through practice and practical steps.

Τhis course is for novice users wishing to gain a basic mastery of the subject.

Monday - Thursday 10.30-12.00, 12.30-14.00



Participants can choose to attend the courses either:

Monday-Wednesday (2 courses/week, 15/01-14/02)


Tuesday-Thursday (2 courses/week,, 16/01-15/02).


For adults

Up to 16 participants per class 

Free entry vial telephone pre-registration

Pre-registration includes participation in a cycle of 10 courses

The courses are conducted in Greek

For classes starting in November, pre-registration starts on 11/12/2023 at 13.00.

To register, please call 216 8091000 during SNFCC call center opening hours (daily 08:30-20:00). Due to the limited number of seats, priority applies.

Weekly Class Schedule


1st lesson: Introduction to computers
2nd lesson: Keyboard & Introduction to Typing
3rd lesson: Review of Typing & Copy/Paste 
4th lesson: Introduction to the Internet - Google
5th lesson: Google (2nd lesson), Introduction to YouTube
6th lesson: Gmail
7th lesson: Cybersecurity - Online Shopping
8th lesson:
9th lesson: Introduction to Smartphones
10th lesson: Revision/ Questions/ Tablet

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