Energy - Εικόνα

SNFCC’s energy efficiency initiatives result in a 40% energy reduction compared to what a similar building complex would consume without their implementation.

All systems are designed to save energy, such as heating, air conditioning, lighting. Specifically:

  • The planted roofs of the National Library of Greece, the Greek National Opera and the Parking buildings are all covered with Mediterranean plants grown in a special substrate. This substrate and the plants create cooling conditions for the buildings and act as a protective layer in both winter and summer.
  • Hot–water production for air conditioning is effected through natural gas combustion, rather than oil. Heat recovery technology preheats water for use and heating.
  • Air systems feature free cooling, that is, they take advantage of outdoor temperature in mid-seasons to reduce the electricity consumed by air conditioning.
  • All lighting is controlled by an central smart management system, in which optimal timing settings make it possible to keep lights on only when required. A cornerstone of SNFCC’s architectural design, maximizing the use of natural lighting is a key contributor.
  • Every year since 2018, 100% of the electricity consumed by the SNFCC comes from renewable energy sources. Almost 23% of our electricity needs are covered by the SNFCC's solar panels while the remaining 77% is covered by renewable energy sources (wind and solar farms) of our provider.