The Agora - Εικόνα

For ancient city-states, the Agora was the heart of public life, the center of political, intellectual, cultural and commercial activity. The literal meaning of the word is "a gathering place". The best-known example is the Athenian Agora, where concepts such as democracy and freedom of speech emerged out of debate and dialogue.

The Agora, which measures 40x40m, is the core of the entire SNFCC building complex.

Surrounded by the National Library of Greece and Greek National Opera buildings, the Agora of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is a true point of convergence, bustling with people, a perfect meeting and conversation spot where the ideals of Art and Beauty are revived.

After all, architect Renzo Piano was inspired by the ancient Greek agora concept as a place where everyone feels they belong to a community, and interpreted it into a contemporary experience at the SNFCC.

The ideal location to grasp the vision of SNFCC’s creators as a whole, the Agora is flanked by the National Library’s towering shelves, which are at ready to host the entire publishing history of Greece, and GNO's new home, with its imposing beauty, connected to the sea through the Canal.