Useful Information

  • The activities are available from June 19 to July 12, from 09.30 to 14.15. 
  • Each activity lasts 45 minutes.
  • Each group (up to 24 children, aged 5 to 14) may participate in up to 4 activities.
  • The activities take place in cool, shady or sheltered parts of the outdoor area of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. 
  • It is recommended that children wear a hat and have sunscreen and mosquito repellent with them. 
  • Groups may take a lunch break on the Panoramic Steps. 
  • Cost of participation:
    125€/Group for participation in 2 activities or for one Robotics Workshop
    187,50€/Group for participation in 3 activities
    250€/Group for participation in 4 activities

*For teams that include more than 25 kids (and up to 28 kids) the extra fee is 2,5€/per kid for each activity.

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Robotics Workshop

A design and coding workshop, in which children cultivate 21st-century skills programming their own robots, inspired by the theme of recycling, bioclimatic design and environmental awareness.

Location: Multifunctional Room

Drums 'n' Dance: Drum Circle

Based on educational practices drawn from specific traditions and contemporary music-and-movement methods, the facilitators along with the students form a rhythmic orchestra. The instruments used—traditional, authentic and improvised—are divided into categories (bass, treble, solo instruments, etc.). Each participant has before them an instrument belonging to one of these categories. After rhythmic communication and improvisation exercises, we are guided into learning specific motifs and creating an orchestra.

Location: Panoramic Steps

Graffiti Art Wall

How are cave paintings linked to Graffiti? What is it that makes humans want to tell their story through art, since time immemorial? 
Discovering the importance of Cave Art and the symbols our ancestors used to tell their story, the fascinating evolution of symbols and techniques, and the influence exerted by the dynamic nature of Street Art, we will be called upon to find the answers to the aforementioned questions. Through experimentation and the combination of primordial symbols and modern-day techniques, we will create our own works of art to convey our own message into the future! 

Location: Buffer Zone

Open-air Library: Interactive Theatrical Performance

A new mobile library makes a stop at Stavros Niarchos Park. Books proposed by the National Library of Greece will be available to children for reading.
As part of the SNFCC’s Open-air Library, children will take part in a participatory mini theatrical performance.

Location: Buffer Zone

Street Games

An activity for students at Stavros Niarchos Park, both for purposes of recreation and for the cultivation of sportsmanship.
Interactive kinetic and music-and-movement games take the form of sports, offering an opportunity for cooperation, communication and exercise.

Location: Running Track

Bubble Show

The SNFCC is inviting you on an exciting journey into the world of the science behind bubbles!
This interactive experience takes advantage of the magical charm of bubbles, incorporating a wealth of basic scientific principles. A fun show that enhances children’s learning by cultivating the love of science through practical exploration.

Location: Pine Grove

Exploring the SNFCC

Get ready for a marathon tour of the SNFCC’s most impressive facilities! Children discover the history of the Marathon Race and learn about Spyros Louis’s collectable Cup, through an entertaining journey filled with messages, historical facts, puzzles and fun trivia about the SNFCC. 

Location: Rear Agora

*For kids aged 7+

An armor for Alex

With references to the exhibition, children become acquainted with the work and personality of artist Alex Mylona. In front of a rather virtual or distorting mirror, they wonder, “How is my portrait feeling today? From what does it want to protect itself?”
They then construct a personalized wearable “armor” made of flat circles, semicircles, and basic geometric developments. Might it be that they do need their armor?
Fearless horsemen ride naked, proceeding heroically; they follow their vision to find their own truth.*
*lyrics by Alex Mylona

Location: Maker Space

Water Games

A unique combination of refreshing games, water balloon races, and lots of water fun at the fountains of Stavros Niarchos Park.

Location: Water Jets