Open Agora: Διήμερο bazaar και παράλληλες δράσεις - Εικόνα
01 November 2023

Aiming to activate public space as a shared meeting place of accessibility and creativity, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) is inviting nonprofit, independent, voluntary and activist organizations to participate in a two-day open agora that will take place on December 2th and 3rd at the SNFCC Lighthouse.

In the context of this event, the word “Agora” has a twofold meaning: a platform for acquaintance and discussion between the SNFCC’s public and various social action groups, as well as a place for hosting an open market in which organizations will be able to sell their products to support their cause.

The initiative aims to raise awareness among the SNFCC’s public on issues that concern the everyday life of us all and are associated with the scope of activities of participating groups, as well as to support the participating organizations by providing them with a platform of extroversion.

The open agora is inaugurated in December, on the occasion of the International Day of Disabled Persons (Dec. 3), and will be staged on SNFCC premises at regular intervals, each time dedicating its content to a different theme. In this way, more and more groups of citizens and organizations will be given the opportunity to participate and disseminate their values and mission.

The 1st Open Agora at the SNFCC is dedicated to the theme Health, Mental Health, and Disability. If you belong in a group providing support in an associated field, we would like to get to know you!

You may submit your application for participation until Nov. 13, 2023.
For questions and more information, you may contact

Participation Information:
• Participation in the Open Agora is free of charge and does not involve any financial consideration.
• Participants will be provided with basic gear for the operation of their stand (kiosk, tables, chairs).
• The open agora’s hours of operation will be 09:00–21:00.

Participation Prerequisites-Criteria
Each participating team:
• Needs to be registered as a nonprofit, independent, social benefit, activist organization, or volunteer group active in: “Health, or Mental Health, or Disability”
 • For the sale of its products, each team must issue the relevant invoice or receipt, as required by law, and bring its own cash register and wireless POS machine. The SNFCC provides free WiFi.
• Undertakes to bring anything required to set up its stand, e.g., information material, decoration, products, etc.
• Will have the opportunity to present awareness-raising activities, or workshops related to their work, upon consultation with the SNFCC team.

Selection of Participants
Criteria for the selection of participating organizations include:
• Representation of multiple areas of the theme, in order to cover a wide range of issues;
• Team’s ability to sell products to support its cause;
• Team’s ability to actively participate in the initiative through the conduct of activities.

Apply here

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