Members’ Event | Ode to Animals: Together we paint fuzzy hugs - Εικόνα

In the third workshop of the theme that integrates animals into artistic creation, adults and children team up to seek the warmth of cuddling with an animal. We draw inspiration from artists who loved their pets so much that they made them their models. We will have the opportunity to get to know their artistic styles and paint four-legged friends of ours, who keeps us company in real life or in our imagination.

* Participants who are caring for an animal, can bring along a photo of their favorite pet for inspiration.

Design - Implementation: Christina Tsinisizeli, visual artist

Saturday 10/12 | 11.30 – 13.30

Up to 20 participants – Members Only
Free entrance via online pre-registration
For families with children aged 6-10

The workshops are part of the 3-month cycle designed to celebrate World Animal Day (October 4), and are inspired by animals, highlighting our mature and responsible attitude towards them.

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