Light Installations at the Stavros Niarchos Park - Εικόνα

For the fifth consecutive year, four impressive light installations created by prominent foreign and Greek artists are presented at Stavros Niarchos Park, rolling out the magic of the SNFCC Christmas world.

Take your winter walk through the dreamy atmosphere of the Dome, the Great Lawn, the Pine Grove and the Green Roofs, discover the freedom of play for all ages, and experiment with the boundaries between light, color and motion.

Follow the routes of light generated by Jen Lewin’s natural symmetry-inspired Aqueous in the Great Lawn. Play with its interactive platforms, designed to detect human movements.
Continue your walk towards the Pine Grove and meet the Living Lantern by NEON and Frankie Boyle Studio, a kinetic work that combines light, color and form, offering a beneficial meditational repose.
From there on, let the glow of Studio Toer’s Firefly Field lead you to the Dome, whose grid is illuminated by hundreds of suspended moving lights.
Lastly, walk along the path to the Lighthouse, illuminated by the perfect circles of Beforelight’s Crop Circles, which spring up from the Green Roofs and stand in contrast to, and in discourse with, the geometry of the SNFCC building.
This year’s light installations, originating from magical, festive places in all four corners of the world, as well as from previous editions of SNFCC’s Christmas World, are waiting for you starting on December 1st. Activate them, let them open doors for you into different worlds, take pictures of and with them!

You may find the Light Installations at the following locations of the Park: 

  • Jen Lewin, Aqueous - Great Lawn 
  • Studio Toer, Firefly Field - Dome
  • NEON & Frankie Boyle Studio, Living Lantern - Pine Grove 
  • Beforelight, Crop Circles - Green Roofs 


1/12/2021 - 9/1/2022
Visiting Hours: 17.00-24.00

Free admission

Photo Credits: Pixel Frame, Dennis Spielman, Studio Toer, Nikos Karanikolas