Visual Arts Workshop: Strange is “cool” - Εικόνα

Creativity, imagination and ingenuity are our main tools for this workshop, in which we will be exploring the fascinating world of the Peculiar. Our guide to this exploration will be artist Louise Bourgeois.

The workshop attempts to familiarize us with what is strange, different, peculiar. Through various activities, we will try to better understand a different way of expression. In this context, we will be called upon to give strange forms to everyday familiar objects; conjure up a strange personal space for us; invent stranger plants and animals. We will also be called upon to give ourselves a strange form. Through visual arts workshops and play, we will discover the enormous power of creativity.

The work of Bourgeois will also show us that creativity can be used as a tool for expressing ourselves and managing our emotions. Lastly, through group activities, we will come into contact with different views and approaches, which we will try to respect and understand.

The workshop’s structure is based on corresponding themes of the work of Louise Bourgeois.

Design - Implementation: Konstantinos Kotsis, visual artist

Workshop Support: Anastasia Mikrou, visual artist 

Workshop #1 Strange Objects
Workshop #2 Strange Rooms
Workshop #3 Strange Figures
*Workshop #4 Strange Portraits
Workshop #5 Strange Animals and Plants

Sunday 09 & 23/10 

Sunday 06 & 20/11




For children aged 7 to 10

Up to 20 participants

Online preregistration is required

*Strange Portraits workshop was voted and selected by visitors, in the context of the celebration of the National Customer Service Week 2022.

For the workshop on 09/10, pre-registration starts at 03/10 at 12.00
For the workshop on 23/10, pre-registration starts at 14/10 at 12.00
For the workshop on 06/11,pre-registration starts at 31/10 at 12.00
For the workshop on 12/11, pre-registration starts at 07/11 at 12.00
For the workshop on 20/11, pre-registration starts at 14/11 at 12.00

Due to public health measures, there may be changes regarding either the staging of the event, or the maximum number of participants. 

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