Pets are allowed in all of the SNFCC’s outdoor areas, except for the Great Lawn, the Labyrinth, the Running Track and the Playgrounds. Pets should always be accompanied by their owner, who must keep them under direct and constant supervision, and clean up after them.

Pets are also allowed in the Agora’s Reception (the passageway from the Rear Agora to the Agora)

Pets are not allowed inside the elevators in case of possible allergic reactions to other guests.

Bicycles – Skates – Ride-Ons

Bicycles are not allowed in the interior of the SNFCC.

Kid’s bicycles are only allowed in the Reception as carry-ons.

Bicycles are not allowed in the Park. There are designated parking areas where guests can lock their bikes. Kid’s bicycles are only allowed as carry-ons inside the Park.

Ride-on cars are allowed inside the Park.


Balls and RCs are allowed in the Park, as long as they don’t cause any disturbance to other visitors. In the event of a formal complaint, authorized personnel will be required to intervene.

Football shoes are not allowed in the Park.


Individual or group sailing is only allowed after obtaining a written permission from the SNFCC.

Engine-powered boats are not allowed whatsoever.

Food and Drink

Drinks are allowed in all interior areas of the NLG, provided they are open and accessible to the public (drinks are not permitted around PCs)

Indoors food consumption (snacks from the canteen) is only allowed in the NLG reception (around the Book Castle), the Reception and the Photo Exhibition.


Group Tours close 15 minutes prior to their commencement. In order to participate in a tour, please be sure to arrive at the appointed meeting point on time. 

Given the fact that in March starts the transition of the Greek National Opera and the National Library of Greece to their new establishments at the SNFCC, there is a possibility that some areas would not be accessible to the public during the tours.


People with disability and one accompanying individual, are always given priority in events. However, they need to demonstrate their disability card and communicate with the SNFCC beforehand. People with disability are required to arrive at the venue 30 minutes before the start of the event to ensure their entrance.

Chairs, loungers, and tables in the lawn

Use of chairs, loungers, and tables on the Park’s lawn areas and flower beds is not permitted.


Distribution of flyers and third-party promotional material inside the SNFCC areas is not allowed without special permission from the SNFCC.