Music Escapades: Sigmataf

Sunday / January 28 / 2018, 21.00
music escapedes: sigmataf 28/1

Music Escapades, presenting the latest trends in the Greek alternative scene, continue their journey at SNFCC, with two more concerts.

Sigmataf presents music selections from his albums from 2010 to date at SNFCC. He is accompanied by his steady companions, Alekos Sorros on bass and MPC 5000, and Christos Melachroinos on synths and beats.

Starting out with Prohja hip hop group, he continued as a lyricist and performer with Babylon under the stage name Koraki, and since 2010 has been releasing his albums as Sigmataf. Releases: Ξύπνα. Ώρα για ύπνο (2010), Τι κάνει σε είσαι να ; εδώ (2012), EP METAVASI·3 (2017). In December 2017, he also released METAVASI·3/TAREMIX, featuring Yosebu, Μani Deum, To Skiagrafima, John Le Bon, Lucas The Third, Tsabouras. He tags his music as Spoken Word.

Sigmataf’s live concerts are full of rhythm, intensity, and engagement with the audience. While the stage is filled with electronic sounds, heavy basslines and strong beats, Sigmataf flirts with cynicism, sarcasm and humor through songs telling stories based on real life. The evocative lighting plays with the senses, while visual effects create an intimate and dreamy atmosphere.

Sunday 28/01 | 21.00