Yannis Moralis - Christos Kapralos: Friendship in Life and Art

Saturday / October 01 / 2016

Yannis Moralis and Christos Kapralos first met and became friends at the Athens School of Fine Arts. They met again in Paris, where they eagerly explored modernist movements while remaining true to their classical values. In 1939, they returned to Greece, where they continued to pursue their dialogue with classicism throughout the German occupation. In the 1950s, each of the two artists developed his own personal version of modernism: Moralis his funerary paintings and Kapralos his bronze sculptures, produced by adopting the lost-wax casting process. These sculptures would bring him international recognition at the Venice Biennale in 1962.

A selection of 18 bronze sculptures by Kapralos will go on display, alongside a small retrospective exhibition by Moralis. A total of 50 masterpieces by Yannis Moralis from his substantial donation to the National Gallery – Alexandros Soutzos Museum and from private collections trace the artist’s evolution from his early career to the classical abstraction of his last works. The two artists – eventually neighbours on the island of Aegina – never ceased to pursue a contemporary dialogue with Greek antiquity.



Exhibition duration: Wednesday September 21st – Sunday December 18th 2016

 Opening hours: from 6:00  to 0:00

Organized by: Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center / National Gallery – Alexandros Soutzos Museum


Concept, Coordination, Curation, Texts:

Marina Lambraki-Plaka, Director, National Gallery


Exhibition curators

Yannis Moralis: Annie Malama, Curator EPMAS

Christos Kapralos: Artemis Zervou, Curator EPMAS


Note: Admission is free of charge

Christos Kapralos, (Panetolio, Agrinion 1909-Athens 1993), Nike, 1961, Bronze, 212 x 35 x 85 cm, Former Christos and Souli Kapralos Foundation
Yannis Moralis, (Arta 1916 - Athens 2009), Figure, 1951, Egg tempera on panel, 49 x 38 cm, Donated by the artist