Savina Yannatou & Primavera en Salonico / Klezmer Yunan

Sunday / October 09 / 2016, 20.00

The rich musical tradition of the Mediterranean and the Balkans is unraveled and revived through the contemporary ‘readings’ by Savina Yannatou and the Primavera en Salonico band. Songs of Southern Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, Turkey and the Balkans are performed alongside Arabic-Andalusian, sefaraditic and Greek ones, weaving a multilayered musical carpet. 

With her expressive virtuosity, the singer repeals space and time, rendering to World Music its true meaning. Primavera en Salonico, connoisseurs of tradition, with classical studies and an inexhaustible penchant for improvisation, accompany the vocal transmutations of Savina Yannatou, engendering mysterious and otherworldly emotions at their shows. 

The internationally acclaimed World Music singer was been musically ‘on board’ with Primavera en Salonico for over twenty years.


Yannis Alexandris: ud, guitar, tambura

Kostas Vomvolos: musical score, kanun, accordion

Kyriakos Gouvendas: violin

Charis Labrakis: ney

Michalis Siganides: contrabass


The recently formed music group Klezmer Yunan acquaints its audience with the allure of the clarinet. Jewish klezmer songs of the Ashkenazim of the Balkans, from central and northeastern Europe, intermingle with traditional Greek songs in fusion adaptations with rock, funk, jazz, trip hop, disco and classic influences, with the clarinet in a leading role. 

In addition to having the clarinet as a main instrument, the two traditions also have a common musical repertory which Klezmer Yunan perform in their own, distinctive way. The theatrical aspect and the presence of the tragic element in every poetic act are characteristic of their performances, inviting methexis through sound and movement. The ‘Klezmer from Greece’ introduce themselves and reintroduce tradition.


Leonardos Batis: tenor and bass clarinet

Justine Gussot: piano, keyboard, pump organ

Alexandros Dandoulakis: electric and acoustic guitar

Thodoros Kapetanakos: five-string electric bass guitar

Dimitris Chaidemenakis: traditional percussion

Dionysis Konstas (Dio): tympani (kettledrums)

Kostas Nikolopoulos: orchestrations and guitars

Yannis Skandamis: sound engineer



Free admission.