The SNFCC Visitors Center offers the public the opportunity to see the worksite up close and learn about the technical details of the construction and the project, as well as the SNFCC’s mission. At the same time, the Visitors Center offers a snapshot of what is to come at the SNFCC, through exhibitions and activities for both adults and children.

The Visitors Center hosts a permanent exhibition providing information on the three main pillars of the SNFCC: the National Library of Greece (NLG), the Greek National Opera (GNO), and the 210,000sq.m Stavros Niarchos Park. Within the Visitors Center, and with the help of an architectural model of the complex, tours are conducted, providing information on the progress of the construction of this project, whose caliber, complexity and quality are unique for Greece’s standards.

The original SNFCC Visitors Center, on the Esplanade, was designed by Greek architecture students, Spyros Giotakis and Ayis-Panayiotis Mourelatos, who were selected by the designer of the SNFCC, Renzo Piano, through a nationwide student competition. The general supervision of the exhibition was undertaken by the museological team of Erato Koutsoudaki, along with her associates, Andromache Gazi, Christopher Brellis and Kalliopi Koutroumbi. From October 2013 until January 2016, the temporary Visitors Center hosted more than 300 events and welcomed more than 58,000 visitors—including 9,000 students—informing them about the progress of the project and offering a wide variety of cultural and educational activities.

On February 5th, 2016, the Visitors Center (VC) relocates from the temporary building on the Esplanade, to the building that will permanently house the information point for visitors, in the northeastern part of the Stavros Niarchos Park.

Designed by Renzo Piano, like the rest of the SNFCC, the new Visitors Center offers the public the opportunity to view the construction site—for as long as the project is still under construction—from an exciting new angle, just a few steps away from some of the project’s unique features, such as the Park, the Canal, the Library’s green roof, and the energy canopy.

The new Visitors Center continues to offer people the opportunity to learn about the technical details of the construction, as well as about the mission and vision of the SNFCC. Up until the SNFCC’s completion and delivery to the Greek State, the new VC also hosts a variety of programs and activities for all ages, introducing the project’s future operation to the public.