Comic: All weather heroes

Hercules, Robin Hood, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Harry Potter, Giannis Antetokounmpo. Mythical, epic, historical and fictional characters, personalities of sports, science and politics, are hero-worshiped and become role models and a source of inspiration for mankind.  Why are they described as heroes? Is a hero only someone who demonstrates courage, bravery and self-sacrifice in order to help people, or are our parents, perhaps, heroes too?

Κόμικ: Ήρωες παντός καιρού - Εικόνα

Sculpture: Creating my heroes

Stories of heroes and myths have been at the heart of humanity from the beginning of recorded history. The heroes we choose, through the features that characterize them (courage, kindness, honor, justice, tenacity, bravery, etc) define, to a great extent, our own ideals. Drawing inspiration from fairytales, poetry and prose, we will attempt to find, cre-ate and convey, through sculpture, our own fantastic Heroes.  Which hero is hiding behind the words? What would happen if I added a hero into a story that didn't have one?

Sculpture: Creating my heroes - Εικόνα

Introduction to chess

In February, the workshop “Introduction to chess” will be conducted online. Chess is much more than a board game. It is decoded thoughts, actions and methods. It is based on mathematics and psychology, while the element of luck has no bearing upon the outcome. Chess gives players the opportunity to hone their skills in observation, concentration and the ability to predict their opponent’s moves. Most of all, however, chess players learn to show respect. 

Introduction to chess - May - Εικόνα