Creative Workshop: Creating relief maps

A new series of creative workshops for children on the creation of relief maps is launched in October at the SNFCC.  Starting from volcanic landscapes of the Aegean and pirate maps of islands, participants observe maps and 3D models and use various media to create relief forms, mountains and ravines that open up in front of them!

Creative Workshop: Creating relief maps  - Εικόνα

Creative Workshop: Obsesrvational Drawing

A series of creative workshops in which participants will explore a variety of drawing approaches and techniques, discovering the ways in which line, shading, gesture, texture, composition, proportion, color and perspective may be creatively used in observational drawing. Workshop #1: Intro to drawing  Learn to draw with a more critical eye and draw your own universe. Are you ready to see the world of the SNFCC in a new light?

Creative Workshop: Obsesrvational Drawing  - Εικόνα

The Gardeners of the Park: A vegetable garden in Autumn

October: Leafy vegetables How do we grow autumn vegetables in the garden and our balcony? We get to know the importance of "co-cultivation", i.e. the right combinations of plants for the garden or balcony. At the same time, we discuss leafy vegetables, their nutritional value and benefits. At the end, the participants take home a lettuce in a biodegradable pot. Sunday 15/10  11.00-12.00 & 12.30-13.30  VEGETABLE GARDEN

Οι Κηπουροί του Πάρκου: Φθινοπωρινός Λαχανόκηπος  - Εικόνα

Gardening Workshop for adults: Indoor and outdoor spaces

The SNFCC welcomes Autumn with two special gardening workshops for adults.

Gardening Workshop for adults: Indoor and outdoor spaces - Εικόνα