The Student Agora of SNFCC - Εικόνα

This program took place during 2021-2022.

For 3rd grade middle school to 3rd grade high school students

The architect Renzo Piano borrowed the ancient Greek term of Agora signifying a space of gathering where anyone can feel part of a community, and put it in action at the SNFCC. The SNFCC Agora is an open-air, gathering space of interaction and authentic experience.

The purpose of the educational program is to transmit this experience of the Agora to high school students during their visit viafour thematic units.

The workshops have the structure of either open discussion or synthesis workshop.


An open discussion about disability

On the occasion of accessibility and open access to everyone that the SNFCC has committed to and through interactive and open dialogue, representatives of SKEP (Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Youth) with disability aim to change the perception of students around diversity with a simple and vivid way.

The purpose of this program is the familiarization of students with the concept of accessibility and the perception of school as a “place equality and socialization.

Design-Implementation: Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Youth (SKEP)

The program will be implemented on October 10, 17, 24 and 31, at 09:30

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Athens: A city, an ecosystem

In nature's ecosystems, a balance is maintained between the organisms that make them up and the energy used. What would the future Athens look like if we saw it as an urban ecosystem? Could it be fueled by the energy of its population? What if waste could be a new raw material?

The students, through a fast-paced design workshop, learn about the sustainable ecosystem of the SNFCC, about the sustainability practices followed worldwide and are invited to envision, design and build the model of the Athens ecosystem of the future.

Design: Andrianna Nassou, designer / Christina Nassou, educator
Implementation: Christina Nassou

The program will be implemented in November and December, every Wednesday at 09:30.

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All protective measures are observed at the SNFCC’s School Programs!




  • My present and future digital self

Internet is an infinite world of knowledge, communication and entertainment. It offers countless opportunities, however hides some traps as well. Through interactive presentations, discussions, videos, games and interactive activities students become informed about the hazards, pinpoint their mistakes on web use and learn how to navigate safely, to search material of quality and build a proper digital presence. Special emphasis is given to the protection of personal data and the traps that online communication may hide.

Design-Implementation: Greek Aafer Internet Day ( Foundation for Research and Technology)


  • Experimenting and composing on Hip Hop

The educational program focuses on familiarizing teenagers with the process of music composition and interpretation, without previous relation with it.

Students, with the guidance of a musician spend a creative two-hour workshop in the music studios of the National Library of Greece composing their own music, discovering the history of Hip Hop music and its music origins and experimenting on basic music concepts. The school team will follow process of composing and producing a music piece (construct, orchestrating, recording, sound recording and production) issuing their own unique and collective piece.

Design-Implementation: Jeff Gonzalez, musician