Water Fight Races

Water guns, water pumps, and water transports are waiting for you at the Park's running track for play and fun!

Water Fight Races  - Εικόνα

Cycling activity: Young and old mechanics

Young and old “mechanics” learn how to change tires, how to properly clean and lubricate their bike, how to fine-tune the brakes and shifters, how to adjust the seat height correctly — all this, in an easy and fun way!

Cycling activity: Young and old mechanics - Εικόνα

Cycling action: Skill games for children

In a "bike park" with 6 different constructions, through which children and teenagers can improve their abilities and skills, we invite children to ride a bike with a nice and fun program that will be presented for the first time in Greece!

Cycling action: Skill games for children - Εικόνα

Roller Skates for kids

Recreation, exercise, or transport? Skates are all of these at the same time! Children see for themselves and practice their balance in these self-contained introductory classes.

Roller Skates for kids - Εικόνα

Fun Dance

We follow the rhythm and steps of the dynamic and imaginative choreography indicated by the dance group and we let our body relax and express itself.

Fun Dance  - Εικόνα

Kayaking the Canal

This activity aims to familiarize children with kayaking. Enjoying water sports in the Canal is a great way to get to know the SNFCC! 

Kayaking the Canal - Εικόνα

Sporting Duels

The Sporting Duels return to the SNFCC and invite you to get to know the Running Track and the action games. The program includes relay races with obstacles, hoops, balancing discs, and it aims to mobilize, entertain and amuse all our little friends.

Sporting Duels - Εικόνα

Football Skills

Fun ball sports activities that foster team building and sportsmanship, while developing skills without grading, through the guidance of experienced trainers.

Φωτογραφία που απεικονίζει τη δραστηριότητα football skills

Mini Basket

In this activity, children will have the opportunity to discover basketball through team play, while developing and enhancing their motor skills.

Mini Basket - Εικόνα

Mini Volley

The Olympic sport of Volleyball is an addition to the sports activities at the Outdoor Games Area of SNFCC, in the form of Mini Volley.

Mini Volley - Εικόνα

Mini Tennis

Children learn to love tennis through a fresh, fun method based on playing and suitable activities. 

Mini Tennis - Εικόνα

Family games

An entertaining activity with games specially designed for the whole family. Parents and adult chaperones are encouraged to play and collaborate with their children in the Park, sharing their educational stimuli and developing their imagination.

Family games - Εικόνα

Artistic Gymnastics

Through artistic gymnastics, coupled with play and fun, kids get to know their bodies and their potential, whilst improving flexibility and motor coordination.


Introduction to chess

The workshop is designed for children who have no previous knowledge of chess, as well as for children who already know the rules of the game. Children learn to cultivate, through chess, strategic thinking and decision-making skills in a fun and creative way.

Introduction to chess - Εικόνα