Great Lawn - Εικόνα

The Great Lawn is the heart of the Stavros Niarchos Park; it covers an area of 5.073 square meters (0.5 hectare) and measures 114x44,5 meters.

Situated right at the Park’s center, this is the point where all of its paths cross; in the summer months, it hosts an extensive range of events and activities, such as screenings, concerts and other. The Great Lawn grass is natural and, compared to other varieties, is drought tolerant and hardy. Suitable for the Greek climate, it is low-maintenance and requires less irrigation. It is surrounded by coniferous and olive trees and herbs that thrive in the Greek climate, making for an impressive passage from shade to the resplendent Attic light. The Great Lawn, and the Stavros Niarchos Park in general, are a vital green space, offering the opportunity to Athenians and the thousands of visitors to be close to nature without going far from the city.

The events hosted at the Stavros Niarchos Park, the park’s overall management (following nature’s cycle, without intervention and artificial elements), and an ongoing information campaign, are all intended to foster awareness, appreciation and care for public open-air green spaces in Athens. Understanding nature and respecting nature’s cycles are important tools for better understanding how a sustainable park operates, as well as enjoying spring days in a lush Great Lawn. The Great Lawn remains closed over specified days of the week, so that the grass can rest and grow. Closing the lawn to the public is a worldwide-endorsed maintenance regime in order to keep the grass green, lush and healthy.