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With the shared objective to mobilize student groups on the issue of sustainability, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) and JA Greece are joining forces to give even more students from all over Greece the opportunity to develop their ideas, skills, and talents. Through the integrated digital programs “One City, One Ecosystem” and “Virtual Business,” school teams participate in a hands-on educational experience that addresses the issue of sustainable consumption and promotes creativity. In this context, students take action for the environment and resolve important issues. 

The journey starts with the SNFCC training program “One City, One Ecosystem” and the adventure continues with JA Greece’s “Virtual Business.” By concluding the SNFCC program first, each school team, divided into sub-groups, will have come up with ideas and models that may contribute to the issue of sustainable consumption. The “Virtual Business” program that follows will guide school teams to develop their idea up to the final production of the good or service they have designed and participate in the final nationwide competition. 

The program is implemented digitally and is aimed at high school students (3rd grade of Gymnasio to 3rd grade of Lykeio). 

Enrollment Start Date: October 29
Register online at 

About JA Greece:

Junior Achievement Greece (JA Greece) is a non-profit organization established in November 2005. It is a member of the global organization for education & entrepreneurship Junior Achievement Worldwide, and implements the organization’s training programs in Greece. The ongoing vision of JA Greece is to help young people create their own job positions through the global sustainable and collaborative learning programs we offer. 

Brief description of the program “One City, One Ecosystem”:

The training program is in the form of a fast-track design workshop, which calls on students to explore a multidimensional way of thinking and problem solving, and develop their own innovative ideas towards sustainability in urban ecosystems. Students take on the role of a city agency, decide on which problem they will deal with, come into contact with different groups of users, and design the goods and services of a sustainable city in order to meet the needs of its citizens. 

Design: Andriana Nassou, designer / Christina Nassou, educator 
4-5 training hours are required to complete the program. 

Brief description of the program “Virtual Business”:

The Virtual Business is developed through a collective experiential activity, over the course of which students create a “virtual” (i.e. not legally established) company, thus gaining an understanding of all the stages of its setup, operation and liquidation. Students assign various roles amongst themselves and then proceed to design and produce goods or services. In this way, they have the opportunity to develop a series of skills, such as taking ownership, planning and programming, needs analysis, organizational skills, teamwork, communication, time management, decision making, problem solving, appreciation of commitment to quality, and taking responsibility for social and environmental impact.  

Program Manager: Eliza Pavlidi
32 training hours are required to complete the program. 

How to enroll:

High school teachers who teach any subject in the 3rd grade of Gymnasio to the 3rd grade of Lykeio can sign up by sending an email to  

Useful Information: 

  • Sign-up includes both programs. 
  • Enrollment Start Date: October 29, 2021 
  • Detailed information, as well as the timetable for the programs’ implementation, will be sent to you via email from after you sign up.
  • The program's introductory webinar will take place on November 16, 2021, at 18:30. 


  • For the participation of school groups in SNFCC programs, all health protection measures are observed. For the participation of students, a demonstration of the most recent self-test with a negative result is required, which they have carried out in the context of protection measures set by NPHO for students and the entire school community. Alternatively, students can participate in the programs by presenting a valid certificate of recovery or certificate of vaccination. Teacher participation requires the demonstration of a valid vaccination certificate or recovery certificate, or a rapid test with a negative result (up to 48 hours).
  • SNFCC school programs can be adapted for special education classes. Prior arrangement is required via email at


All school programs were designed and are made available free of charge through a grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

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