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Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Primary school


How can we express our emotions through color? For young Picasso, blue symbolized sadness, while pink was a symbol of joy. Which colors would you choose to express emotions like joy, sadness, enthusiasm and anger?

Inspired by the interactive books on Picasso, students play and learn all about the blue and rose periods of his art, and they go on to create their own painting portrait, conveying one of the aforementioned emotions.

Design: Elli Paxinou, Art Historian, Associate of the Metropolitan College


School programs are availabe from Monday to Friday for the period 10/02 – 31/05.
Hours: 09.00-10.30, 11.00-12.30

*Easter period is not included


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Photo Credits: © Succession Picasso 2020
- Arlequin assis sur fond rouge, 1905


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