Photo of the light installation The Pool at the Stavros Niarchos Park
15 November 2019

Once again this Christmas, four new light installations by leading artists, are presented for the first time in Greece, turning the Stavros Niarchos Park into a futuristic Christmas setting.



Take a winter stroll in an electrified, dream-like atmosphere in the Mediterranean Garden, the Great Lawn, the Pine Grove, and the Labyrinth; explore the interplay of light and sound, nature and beauty, science and art, engaging with interactive installations. Walk through, hide inside, activate them, take a photo, take a selfie! Play and discover new dimensions of sound and light, which will dazzle young and old visitors. 

The light installations will be in operation daily from 30/11/19 to 06/01/20, from 17.00 until the Stavros Niarchos Park’s closing time. (Until 20/12, Monday to Thursday, the Park will be closing at 10 pm, whereas Friday to Sunday, it will be closing at midnight. From 21/12 to 06/01, the Park will be open daily until midnight).


Large Pendulum Wave
Ivo Schoofs, Netherlands

As part of the imposing Large Pendulum Wave, a series of 15 illuminated pendulums are suspended at a height of 12m. All of them are lifted up and then simultaneously released to fly freely, as visitors enjoy a fascinating dance show that oscillates between harmony and chaos, gravity being its only driving force! A spectacular combination of the poetry of math and the beauty of physics, this is the visual interpretation of a physical phenomenon demonstrating how nature translates a mathematical sequence into choreographic delight.

Through his large-scale audiovisual installations, Ivo Schoofs offers spectators an experience of the forces of natural movement through science and technology. He describes his work as a celebration of movement in its most natural occurrence.

The installation was made possible with support from: Gemeente Eindhoven, Mondriaan Fonds, IBS Precision Engineering, Philips Valmont Structures, OMT Solutions, Moesasji, Leffe Goldstein.

30/11-06/01 | GREAT LAWN

Photo of the light installation Large Pendulum Wave at the Stavros Niarchos Park


Lateral Office/CS Design
Mitchell Akiyama, Canada

Having travelled to many countries around the world, Wave-Field is coming to the Stavros Niarchos Park, inviting SNFCC’s visitors to play and get creative, while exploring different light and sonic dimensions of space.

Acoustic, illuminated see-saws, each with its own music idiom and “idiosyncrasy”, await for you to play with them, in a sensory playground from the future. When set into motion, the see-saws erupt into an impromptu composition, each time evoking a unique soundscape.

This project is the result of a collaboration between Lateral Office Architects, CS Design lighting and the Canadian composer and visual artist Mitchell Akiyama.

Also contributed: Generique Design, Robocut, EGP Group, Wireframe and L4 Studio.

30/11-06/01 | PINE GROVE

Photo of the light installation The Wave-Field at the Stavros Niarchos Park


Infinite Support
Light Art Collection, LightForm, Netherlands

A collective comprising four artists and close friends, LightForm have translated their ideas about friendship into a beautiful light object in Infinite Support.

The installation consists of two large luminous drop-shaped "nests" that help each other stay upright. The audience can hide within or interact with the multiple mirrors, exploring an unusual sensation of depth.

These mirrors symbolize real friendship: a bond that, according to LightForm, knows no limits. 

LightForm are Daniel Thomassen, Raoul van der Ploeg, Dorus van Lieshout and Ivar Posthumus.


Photo of the light installation Infinite Support at the Stavros Niarchos Park


The Pool
Jen Lewin, U.S.A

Jen Lewin is a New-York-based light sculptor whose installations share with audiences sensational images of rare natural beauty that have touched the artist. In The Pool she has been inspired by the thousands of luminous ponds of light left behind by the ebb on a moonlit Australian beach.

Lewin conjures this magical memory in an environment of giant, concentric circles created from dozens of interactive circular pads where play and collaborative movement create mesmerizing patterns of shifting and fading colors.

Since premiering at the legendary Burning Man Festival in Nevada, The Pool has traveled major cities and light festivals in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia.

30/11-06/01 | LABYRINTH

Photo of the light installation The Pool at the Stavros Niarchos Park


Free admission

The SNFCC light installations come alive through the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

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